The Benefits of Maintenance

Building owners should perform roof system maintenance to optimize roof system life. Most building owners and facility managers agree maintaining buildings’ components and systems is necessary to optimize and extend buildings’ functional lives. However, in some instances carrying out proper roof system maintenance is overlooked.

To maximize roof system life, NRCA recommends preventative maintenance for roof systems; NRCA also provides sources for additional useful information regarding rood system maintenance and repairs.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is intended to enable building owners and facility managers to proactively identify and implement solutions to roof system problems before problems become more widespread. In most instances if roofing-related problems are identified early and properly repaired, the problems extent and cost of necessary repairs will be significantly less than if the problem were left unattended.

NRCA recommends building owners and facility managers schedule roof system maintenance inspections at least biannually, preferably in spring and fall. Additional inspections are suggested after and severe weather events such as hurricane, tornado, or hailstorm.

A preventative roof system maintenance inspection typically involves a thorough visual inspection of the roof system and its adjacent surfaces (such as walls), as well as any mechanical equipment that can affect the roofs system’s watertight-ness. Conditions should be documented in writing and photographed and the documentation should be filed. The file can provide a basis for comparing changing conditions during subsequent inspections.

During inspection, any debris or other materials that do not specifically belong on the roof should be removed.

If an inspection reveals repairs are necessary routine repairs sometimes can be carried out immediately. If immediate repairs cannot easily be made, they should be made as soon as possible to avoid further roof system deterioration.

If a building owner does not have personnel who can perform inspections, a professional roofing contractor should be retained. NRCA recommends a professional roofing contractor preform any repairs beyond what would be considered owners maintenance responsibilities. Examples of owners’ maintenance responsibilities include removing any accumulated debris from the rooftop and trimming any tree branches that overhang the roof.

If a roofing system is covered by either a contractor’s or manufacturer’s warranty, NRCA suggests the roofing contractor who installed the roof system perform any repairs to avoid possible conflicts with warranty requirements.

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