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Bucks County Fiberglass Shingle Roof

Fiberglass shingles are a type of asphalt that is used as roofing material. With a limited lifetime warranty available, they are an economical roofing material. And, if you provide ventilation for the roof, the durability of the shingles improves. These shingles get their protective property from the hydrocarbon chains and are more durable in cold climates than hot climates.

Using fiberglass shingle can enhance the appearance of a building, as they are available in an array of shades and colors. The biggest advantage of opting for this roofing material is its low cost. They are lightweight, weighing between 70 to 140 pounds each. Hence, the shingles are easy to carry and install on roofs.
The base layer of a fiberglass shingle is made up of reinforced fiberglass mat, which is produced by combining fiberglass and urea formaldehyde resin. Thereafter, the mat is coated with asphalt, making the shingle waterproof. It can be used as an alternative to felt mat and asbestos.

Today, fiberglass shingles have become extremely popular and many homeowners are for this roofing material. The reasonable cost, fire resistance, durability in cold weather and manufacturer’s warranty makes these shingles a good investment for a homeowner, who does not want to exceed his budget.


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